IB Myths and Realities

Myth: Students should have 90% marks to take admission in IB school. Reality:  Students good in academic skills are meant to take admissions in ib schools.   Myth: IB students are busy with work. Reality:  IB is mission driven curriculum which focuses on students to grow their personality and not a walking brain. It is…

Blood Donation Camp

18th June 2016 – Sangam School of Excellence organized  a Blood Donation Camp. The occasion was International Blood Donor’s day. The Camp was organized with the help of “Ramsnehi Hospital, Bhilwara”. Around 23 units of blood was donated by the SSE staff.

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Craft Workshop

15th to 17th June 2016 –  Craft Workshop conducted by Mr. Rathin Bhattacharya, attended by teachers teaching Grades UKG to 8. Teachers were taught Magazine / Book Holder for their respective classes through “Macrame Work”. This craft is basically made by rope or chord with beads and wooden stick through repetition of some simple knots.

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